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The concept of the New Art Scene (NAS) became a reality late 2017. NAS was established in Newmarket by a group of friends with a shared admiration for both their community and a variety of the arts. NAS was conceived, not only to establish a stronger community, but also help in reaching farther communities, ultimately creating a larger network.


The New Art Scene is an online and printed publication.
Run by a community of young artists for a community of young artists. Creating a space for you to share, connect and engage with like-minded people.
Young, Bold & Innovative. 


We are NAS.


Caitie McKinnon

Caitie McKinnon is the Editor-in-Chief of the NAS zine. She is a graduate of the Arts and Contemporary Studies program at Ryerson University with a major in Culture Studies. Known as the “party planner” of her friends, she is combining this talent with her love of culture to form what is now known as the NAS Zine and Community.

Altea Digirolamo

Altea Digirolamo is the Art Director of the NAS zine. She is a creative mind always seeking new and effective ways to solve problems. Known as the Momager (mom + manager) of the group, she keeps us all on track.



Emily Menary is the Copy Editor of the NAS zine. With her curiosity about the world, she continues to learn about, and fall in love with, the art that makes up the local creative expression. 

We are always looking for more support. If you are interested in joining our community, please send an email to thenaszine@gmail.com with your resume and a brief outline of what you are interested in doing.